Thermcal - Building Energy Certifications & Testing Northern Ireland

Energy Performance Certificates

New Buildings, Commercial & Domestic. Existing Properties, Renovations & Landlords Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)
Thermcal - Building Energy Certifications & Testing Northern Ireland

Airtightness Testing & Audits

Building Control Compliance Testing, Passive House Design, Airtight Detailing.
Thermcal - Building Energy Certifications & Testing Northern Ireland

Building Control Compliance

Design SAP Calculations, Highly Glazed Extensions, U-Value Analysis, Thermal Bridging Modelling. SBEM Calculations.

All our Assessors are:

Expertly trained and qualified, with a comprehensive understanding of energy calculations and Energy Performance of Building Regulations

Fully insured to protect clients from accidental damage and also rare cases of defective EPCs.

Regularly audited to ensure ongoing competence in all work.

Able to provide helpful information and advice to support your understanding of the EPC, the methodology behind it and the recommendations provided from your report.

Supported by the UK’s largest energy assessment accreditation scheme, with access to government approved software and dedicated support to ensure accurate assessments and tests are carried out.

About Gareth Chambers - Director of Thermcal Ltd

My educational background in building services engineering, coupled with my hands-on experience in the construction industry, has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of building design, construction, and compliance with regulations. Through my HND program at Belfast Metropolitan College, I studied a wide range of modules that included surveying, tendering, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and services controls technology, among others. I excelled in these modules, achieving distinctions and merits, indicating my strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills in these areas.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have also gained valuable experience through my work in the construction industry. I have undergone training to become a qualified energy assessor for various assessments such as SAP, SBEM, and EPCs, enabling me to provide expertise in energy efficiency and compliance with building regulations related to conservation of fuel and power. I have also been actively involved in the consultation and interpretation of building regulations, particularly in relation to Part F and Part G regulations, where I have provided training and presentations to professionals to ensure compliance and awareness.


My involvement in projects such as setting up and monitoring thermal performance of insulation products, exhibiting at trade shows, and sales of thermal and acoustic products have allowed me to gain experience in areas such as product testing, sales, customer service, and project management. I have also been accredited in airtightness testing, completing over 1500 indiviual projects to date and working on notable projects such as the first social passive houses in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. (2006)

My experience extends to energy rating projects, building acoustics, noise testing, audiometric screening, and building energy auditing, where I have worked with a variety of clients ranging from contractors to government bodies. Through these experiences, I have developed strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Overall, my skill set, practical experience, and commitment to professional development make me well-equipped to contribute effectively to projects in the construction industry, ensuring compliance with regulations, high-quality outcomes, and client satisfaction.

I have also been involved in various key projects that have further enhanced my skills and knowledge in the construction industry. For example, my collaboration with the University of Ulster on the thermal performance monitoring of insulation products allowed me to gain in-depth insight into how building materials are evaluated and selected for construction projects.

Moreover, my participation in the annual self-build show as an exhibitor provided me with valuable exposure to sales, marketing, and presentation techniques. Interacting with customers and promoting products at such events honed my communication skills, customer service abilities, and marketing strategies. This hands-on experience in a public-facing role has been invaluable in developing my interpersonal skills and ability to engage with a diverse audience.

Our ongoing Airtightness testing and energy rating projects have allowed me to work on a wide range of construction projects, from domestic to commercial and industrial sectors. Through these projects, I have gained a thorough understanding of building regulations, energy efficiency standards, and best practices in construction management. This practical experience has equipped me with the expertise to conduct thorough assessments, provide accurate recommendations, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Stroma Certified Energy Assessor
Elmhurst Energy Accreditated Member
IATS Approved