SAP Calculations (Standard Assessment Procedure)

What is a SAP Rating and why do I need one?

Under Part F of the Northern Ireland Building Regulations (Part L in the UK, Section 6 in Scotland), all new dwellings, and all buildings converted to dwellings, need a SAP calculation. Some extensions and renovations need a SAP too – especially if there’s lots of glazing. SAP calculations take into account the energy use of the specific building.

All aspects of the Design are taken into account. This includes the energy needed for heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation and shows the dwelling’s overall energy efficiency whilst also checking its Carbon emissions are within an allowable level for Building Regulations. The SAP is also used to create the Energy Performance Certificate.

A SAP report must be submitted to the Building Control Officer before you start on-site and at the end of your build, to outline your approach to:

  • Insulation and U-Values
  • Heating, hot water, ventilation and lighting
  • Glazing
  • Renewables
  • Thermal Bridging
  • Dwelling Air Leakage

What SAP really mean to you

​Just as we think we understand the legislation, the Government has a habit of changing it again. We currently use the BRE’s SAP2009 methodology (which the October 2012 Regs are based on), but SAP2012 is already live in England & Wales (no doubt soon to come to Northern Ireland). It’s a constant challenge that makes the leading edge of environmental consultancy so exciting.

We need to ensure we build our new houses more energy efficiently than ever. In fact, without a SAP assessment, you simply won’t be able to start work on site. What’s more, if you don’t have your SAP calculated professionally, you could easily add thousands to your construction costs through unnecessarily introducing expensive heating and low carbon systems.

The result of all this is that professional help with building regulations – and that includes your SAP surveying has never been more important if you want to complete projects successfully and save money.

Astonishingly, some companies still send out completed SAP reports without explaining non-compliance’s and what you can do about them. I’m different. I will always explain non-compliance’s and suggest how to put things right on my detailed, simple to understand covering page.

Whatever your concerns about SAP calculations, my knowledge and experience really can help your project and your business be more successful.

The small print…

– We do not charge extra for thermal bridging calculations (included with every New Build SAP Calculation)
– Yes you get a PEA too (Predicted Energy Assessment) including predicted Energy Use and CO2 Emission usage.
– We will never send you back a failed SAP report – we always ensure compliance!

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