SBEM Calculations (Commercial)

To meet Part F2 of the Building Regulations in Northern Ireland, nearly all new commercial buildings over 50m² must pass SBEM calculations. And while some extensions, conversions and renovations will also need SBEM calculations, not all of Part F2 will apply to them.

SBEMs measure the overall energy efficiency of buildings, and are used to create the Energy Performance Certificate. To get a total figure, they measure heat loss through the building, available sunlight and air permeability, then combine this with the energy needed for heating, hot water, lighting and ventilation.

SBEM applies to commercial buildings including offices, hotels, pubs, sports halls and supermarkets. There are a few exemptions, such as some places of worship, temporary buildings and unheated units.​​

What SBEMs really mean to you - in simple terms

All new commercial buildings need to be built to higher energy efficiency standards than ever. Without an SBEM assessment, you simply won’t be allowed to start work on site.

Experience also shows that where SBEM calculations aren’t done professionally, you could end up spending a fortune on unnecessary renewables and costly heating systems. Just to get the building to pass!

Whatever your project’s specifics, you’ll need to make sure your next commercial unit is well insulated and fitted with the most efficient heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

Don’t forget those commercial conversions and extensions either. Even if they don’t need to meet emission targets, you could still need to comply with other elements, such as insulation levels.

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