Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal Imaging Surveys for domestic properties in Northern Ireland play a crucial role in addressing the pressing issues of carbon emissions and the cost of living crisis.

By identifying areas of heat loss and insulation deficiencies, these surveys form part of a retrofit package to enable homeowners to significantly reduce their energy consumption, resulting in lower carbon emissions and a more comfortable living environment.

In the face of rising energy costs, thermal imaging is part of the puzzle in providing a cost-effective solution for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, ultimately leading to long-term financial savings and alleviating the financial strain of the current cost of living crisis.

Through the implementation of thermal imaging surveys by Thermcal Ltd, homeowners in Northern Ireland have the opportunity to not only improve the comfort and value of their properties but also make a positive impact on the environment and their household expenses.

Thermal Imaging SurveysThermal Imaging Surveys

In line with efforts to address carbon emissions and the cost of living crisis, the UK government has introduced PAS2035, a standard that outlines best practices for improving the energy efficiency of homes.

Some Homeowners in Northern Ireland can avail themselves of government funding and support schemes, such as the Green Homes Grant and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), to help cover the costs of implementing energy-saving measures recommended in PAS2035-compliant surveys.

These initiatives not only make it easier for homeowners to access thermal imaging surveys and other energy efficiency improvements but also contribute to the overall reduction of carbon emissions and the financial burden of high energy bills.

By leveraging PAS2035 and government funding, homeowners in Northern Ireland can take proactive steps to create more sustainable and affordable living spaces for themselves and future generations.

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